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Procedure Properties

Title: Alternative Health Services
Category: Support Services
Version: 02
Implement Date: 28 August 2006
Application: Custodial / Community Operations
Availability: Public


Procedure - Alternative Health Services



To allow access to alternative health services as appropriate.

1. Process

Access to alternative health and medical services that do not impact on traditional care as provided by the Department will be at the discretion of the visiting doctor and the general manager.

Alternative health service providers will not be specifically provided by the correctional health service neither will the correctional health service pay for the provision of alternative health services to offenders. Alternative health services include chiropractic, iridology, naturopathy, homeopathy, and aromatherapy.

Offenders requesting access to such providers will apply in the first instance to the general manager of a facility. Approval for provision of alternative health services should be on the following basis-

  1. health services has no responsibility in arranging or providing for such services and the offender is responsible for selecting the practitioner;
  2. the cost is borne by the offender;
  3. the offender bears full responsibility for the service and its follow up;
  4. the general manager is under no obligation to agree to any treatmentrecommendations and has the right to intervene should such be considered against the clinical management plan.

The general manager of the facility approves access to such treatment.

The only exception to this procedure is where alternative therapy is regarded as necessary by the visiting doctor. Such cases should be referred to the Director, Health and Medical Services.

F P Rockett

Version History

28/08/2006 Version 02