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Title: Prisoner Advisory Committees
Category: Offender Management
Version: 01
Implement Date: 28 August 2006
Application: Custodial Operations
Availability: Public


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Performance Measures

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Procedure - Prisoner Advisory Committees

1.1Frequency of Meetings
1.3Meeting Format
2.Composition a Committee
3.Nomination of Members
5.Period of Tenancy


To provide prisoner input into the facility's functioning and to promote positive communication between facility management and prisoners.

1. Process

Prisoner participants are to represent the views of prisoners in general and not those of the individual. Committee meetings are to be conducted in a professional manager ensuring all participants are treated with respect and dignity.

The prisoner advisory committee should-

  1. provide opportunities for prisoners to raise matters of concern with facility management in relation to policy or operational issues;
  2. promote prisoner ideas to improve the quality of daily living within the facility for both prisoners and visitors;
  3. act as a channel of communication between prisoners, management and staff and promote positive interaction;
  4. provide a forum to facilitate prisoner recommendations for changes to operations or routines;
  5. assist in reducing conflict; and
  6. assist in the development and or implementation of policy initiatives for the facility where appropriate.

The prisoner advisory committee will-

  1. not be a decision making forum;
  2. not be a forum for the raising of individual grievance issues which should be resolved through other processes;
  3. not negate the prerogative of the general manager of the facility to establish other prisoner committees for specific purposes should the need arise.

The general manager of a facility must provide for the administration and control of a prisoner advisory committee including-

1.1 Frequency of Meetings

Meetings should occur at regular intervals having regard for the operation of the facility. Monthly intervals are recommended.

1.2 Communication

Committee members are to be allowed to meet with the prisoners they represent on a formal basis to discuss issues to be raised with management and meet as a group to prepare and discuss agenda items prior to scheduled meetings.

1.3 Meeting Format

Meetings are to be conducted in an appropriate meeting area having regard to the need for security. The meeting may be chaired by a senior staff member or a prisoner delegated by the committee. The general manager of the facility or nominated manager should attend the committee meetings on a rotational basis.

Minutes must be taken for each meeting and are to be placed on notice boards within the facility for perusal by prisoners and staff. Committee members and relevant officers within the facility are to be advised of the place and time and duration of each meeting prior to the meeting.

1.4 Remuneration

There is no remuneration for committee involvement. However, where a participant is required to be absent from their normal employment, the established remuneration for that employment should continue.

1.5 Documentation

Each facility must document and record all proceedings and communicate the guidelines for the operation of the committee within the facility.

2. Composition a Committee

A prisoner advisory committee should consist of not less that six (6) prisoner members, all or part of which may be nominated by the facility's prisoner population.

3. Nomination of Members

Nomination of prisoner members to the committee must be managed to ensure representation from all key areas of the facility. The general manager of a facility may decline to accept a nominated member onto the committee but in such an event the prisoner concerned must be advised of the reason for refusal. The general manager of a facility may invite any prisoner to join the committee to ensure representation of all cultural or ethnic groupings within the facility.

4. Vacancies

Vacancies on the committee should where possible be filled within one month.

5. Period of Tenancy

Nomination to a prisoners' advisory committee should be for a maximum period of 12 months. Completion of a 12 month period of representation should not preclude an individual from again nominating or accepting nomination by the general manager of the facility.

F P Rockett

Version History

28/08/2006 Version 01 - 01/07/2001 Version 00