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Procedure Properties

Title: Prison Industries' Operation
Category: Offender Management
Version: 03
Implement Date: 23 August 2010
Application: Custodial Operations
Availability: Public


Appendices and Forms



Procedure - Prison Industries' Operation

2.International Obligation
3.1Ethical Conduct
4.National Competition Policy (NCP) and competitive neutrality
5.Prisoner Employment Governance Committee (PEGC)
6.New industry projects
7.Prisoner employment and payment
8.Financial Management
Director, Industries Development -
Employment Statements


To provide a process for the operation of Queensland's prison industries that enhances prisoner employment and skills.

1. Definition

Refer Prisoner Employment Policy and Action Plan 2008-2011; procedure - Employment of Offenders

Prison industries provide prisoners with meaningful activity through employment on a commercial, fee-for-service basis or in prison services.

2. International Obligation

The intent and provisions of Article 2.2(c) of the International Labour Organisation “Forced Labour” Convention 29 must be upheld in the operation of industries in corrective services facilities. Refer C29 Forced Labour Convention, 1930

3. General

Prison industries must-

  1. provide prisoners with meaningful work that meets community expectations;
  2. provide the opportunity for associated vocational education and training opportunities that will assist offenders to obtain employment post release (refer procedure - Education of Offenders);
  3. contribute to the good order and effective management of corrective services facilities; and
  4. assist in reducing the cost of operating corrective services facilities.

The provision of employment and associated vocational education and training must consider the special needs of female, indigenous and other disadvantaged prisoners (refer Corrective Services Act 2006 (CSA) ss 3, 265, 266).

3.1 Ethical Conduct

The operation of prison industries must be in accordance with the Code of Conduct and procedures - Fraud Control and Corruption Prevention; Conflict/Declaration of Interest.

4. National Competition Policy (NCP) and competitive neutrality

As rehabilitation is the primary driver of prison industries, it is not classified as a significant business activity (refer Compendium of National Competition Policy Agreements: Competitive Policy and Principles (3 (1) ).

However, the necessary commercial aspects of prison industry activities require that elements of NCP requirements are observed in order to guard against any anti-competitive conduct.

Refer Prisoner Employment Policy and Action Plan 2008-2011

5. Prisoner Employment Governance Committee (PEGC)

The Governance Committee must ensure prison industries operate under a consistent commercial framework that is transparent and accountable through the use of auditing and accountability mechanisms developed under the direction of the Committee.

Refer Prisoner Employment Governance Committee - Terms of Reference

6. New industry projects

All proposals for new industry projects must be considered by the Director, Prison Industries Development prior to being determined by PEGC.

Any industry proposals from Community Advisory Committees must be examined by the Director, Prison Industries Development prior to consideration by PEGC (refer procedure - Community Advisory Committees).

7. Prisoner employment and payment

Refer CSA s 316

Prisoners participating in approved prison industry activities must receive payments in accordance with procedure - Employment of Offenders.

8. Financial Management

All financial aspects of prison industries' operations managed by the Agency must be in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Management Practices Manual.

All profits resulting from the operation of prison industries must be applied to reducing the cost to government of the operation of corrective services facilities.

9. Relationship of the Industries Development Branch and Correctional Centres

Industries Development Branch -

Reports directly to the Deputy Commissioner, Custodial Operations.

Has an advising, facilitating, guiding, monitoring and checking function for prison industries in Centres.

Has a strategic role for the development of prison industries.

Investigates new business developments and assist Centres in new business development in terms of planning, prospecting, development and termination of contracts.

Is responsible for the implementation of the Policy and Action Plan.

Is responsible for development and oversight of specific projects as directed.

Director, Industries Development -

Key Performance Indicators for General Managers and the Director, Industries Development clarify different accountabilities of the mutually supportive roles. Refer Key Performance Indicators

Employment Statements

If requested by a prisoner who has participated in a prison industry activity, a staff member may complete a work related statement for the offender. The statement must be in accordance with administrative form - Employment Statement.


Version History

11/02/2009 Version 02 - 28/08/2006 Version 01 [Correctional Industries' Operation] - 18/01/2002 Version 00

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