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Chapter Headings

Annual Report 04-05 front cover montage
  Annual Report 2004-05

Communication objective

This report provides a comprehensive summary of the Department of Corrective Servicesí operational and financial performance during the 2004Ė05 financial year.

Most importantly, it informs the community about what we do and how we do it and allows them to judge for themselves the value and effectiveness of our work.

In conjunction with the Strategic Plan and Ministerial Portfolio Statements, this annual report forms a suite of documents aimed at fulfilling the Departmentís commitment to accountability and transparency and to delivering on the Government priority of protecting our children and enhancing community safety.

Structured around the three key outputs of facility-based containment, community supervision and correctional interventions, the report provides a balanced and coherent picture of the Departmentís achievements, which are illustrated by statistical tables, charts and graphs, human interest stories and photographs.

Protecting the community while caring for and rehabilitating prisoners and offenders is, in todayís world, a highly professionalised field of endeavour.

In recognition of the Departmentís commitment to developing and sustaining a dedicated and professional team, the report also highlights the major achievements and successes of its staff during the past 12 months.

The Department is continually striving to improve its performance, and invites feedback from readers via our website at or to the Media and Communications Unit, Department of Corrective Services, GPO Box 1054, Brisbane, Q, 4001.

This annual report, along with past annual reports and other corporate documents outlining the Departmentís strategy and objectives, is also available on our website.

Department of Corrective Services
Annual Report 2004-05