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Report on the Business Model Review

In April 2004, the Director-General instituted a review of the Department's current business model which has remained essentially unchanged since amalgamation into a core service Government agency in May 1999 with the implementation of "Corrections in the Balance".

A review team, consisting of external advisers and internal representatives of the Department, examined the Department's existing organisational structure, functions and responsibilities in consultation with staff and stakeholders.

The approach of the 2004 Business Model Review ensured organisation design focused on identification and allocation of key accountabilities, and their alignment to business goals.

The report on the Business Model Review presents 120 recommendations offering significant opportunities for improvements and benefits in the short, medium and long-term for the Department. These recommendations focus on continued improvement and enhancement of the Queensland correctional system whilst also continuing the philosophy of the reform process of Kennedy in 1988 in that it is a dynamic review process.

The proposed business model organises the Department in a manner that enables itself to achieve its objectives, deliver its core business, and meet its requirements and obligations for accountability in a more efficient and effective manner.

Preliminaries Adobe Acrobat Icon Preliminaries - 155kb
Membership of the Business Model Review Team  
Executive Summary  
1. Introduction Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapters 1 and 2 - 106kb
2. Methodology  
3. Senior Managers workshop Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapter 3 - 241kb
4. Views and concerns submitted Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapters 4 and 5 - 131kb
5. Conclusions  
6. Realignment rationale Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapter 6 - 120kb
7. Corporate governance structure and performance management arrangements Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapter 7 - 145kb
8. Operating component Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapter 8 - 215kb
9. Supporting component Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapter 9 p40-45 - 131kb
Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapter 9 p46-51 - 133kb
Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapter 9 p52-61 - 164kb
Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapter 9 p62-74 - 190kb
10. Accountability component Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapter 10 - 129kb
11. Major reform initiatives Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapter 11 - 132kb
12. Additional matters Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapters 12 and 13 - 118kb
13. Implementation strategy  
14. Recommendations Adobe Acrobat Icon Chapter 14 - 185kb

Adobe Acrobat Icon Appendices 1-5 - 168kb

Adobe Acrobat Icon Appendices 6-11 - 172kb

Adobe Acrobat Icon Appendix 12 - 171kb

Adobe Acrobat Icon Appendix 13 - 190kb

Adobe Acrobat Icon Appendix 14 - 114kb

Last updated: 16 December 2013