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Victims Register


Are the details of registered persons confidential?

Yes, the hard copy details of registered victims are held securely at the head office of Queensland Corrective Services. Computer records relating to the Victims Register are only able to be accessed by a very limited number of people within Corrective Services.

Victim Register staff will, unless absolutely necessary, not even confirm a victim registration to other Corrective Services Staff.

Offenders are not informed when a person is placed on the Victims Register nor will we release information to anyone other than you or your nominee unless required to by the Corrective Services Act 2006, other legislation or by a court order.

Is the information provided to you by the Victims Register confidential?

Yes, registered victims should be aware that they must treat the information received from the Victims Register as confidential. Information received from the Victims Register must not be disclosed to members of the public, any person representing the media or in any public forum. A registered victim who discloses information publicly may have their details removed from the register and depending on the circumstances, face criminal charges arising from s341 of the Corrective Services Act 2006.

The Victims Register and Queensland Corrective Services understand that you may want to discuss the information you receive from us with your family and friends but you should ensure that any other person to whom the information is disclosed is made aware of the confidential nature of the information.

Last updated: 19 August 2015