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Procedure Properties

Title: Domestic/Cleaning Staff
Category: Support Services
Version: 02
Implement Date: 24 December 2008
Application: Custodial
Availability: Public


Appendices and Forms


Performance Measures

  • Cost of containment per prisoner per day

Procedure - Domestic/Cleaning Staff



To ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the Queensland Health centre located within a corrective services facility is maintained as per the Queensland Health Policy & Standards for Cleaning Services in Public Sector Health Care Facilities.

1. General

Queensland Corrective Services is responsible for providing cleaning staff and/or services to the Queensland Health centre located within the corrective services facility (refer appendix - Cleaning Standards for Queensland Health Centres located within Corrective Services Facilities).

Health centres should have non-offender domestic / cleaning staff if possible.

Domestic / cleaning staff must be supervised by Queensland Health centre staff while cleaning the pharmacy or drug storage area.

2. Offenders

Unsupervised access for offenders is not permitted in/near-

  1. any medical records or the medical records storage area;
  2. any official documentation or log books; or
  3. medical information regarding other offenders or staff, whether verbal or written.

Queensland Health centre staff must be familiar with the duties and supervision requirements of any offender employed in the health centre.

Neil Whittaker
Acting Director-General

Version History

24/12/2008 Version 02 - 28/08/2006 Version 01