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Procedure Properties

Title: Appliances and Prostheses
Category: Support Services
Version: 02
Implement Date: 28 August 2006
Application: Custodial Operations
Availability: Public


Appendices and Forms



Procedure - Appliances and Prostheses

1.Hearing aids
2.Orthopaedic prostheses / braces / supports / guards
3.Walking sticks/crutches


To facilitate access for prisoners to hearing aids, orthopaedic appliances and prostheses.

1. Hearing aids

A prisoner must be provided with a hearing aid when audiological testing or humanitarian grounds indicate a need.

The cost of a replacement hearing aid must be met by the Department when-

  1. the old unit has exceeded its useful life as determined by audiological assessment; or
  2. the hearing aid has been lost or damaged in reasonable circumstances.

If it appears that the loss or damage to a hearing aid is intentionally done by the prisoner or the period of sentence is less than a non-parole period of eighteen months, the prisoner may be asked to bear part of the cost.

Refer appendix - Contact Telephone Numbers of Hearing Centres and Suppliers

2. Orthopaedic prostheses / braces / supports / guards

Orthopaedic appliances would generally be recommended by an orthopaedic consultant. Short-term approval may be given by the visiting doctor whilst awaiting a consultation with an orthopaedic consultant.

Approval must be given for the purchase and/or wearing of an orthopaedic prosthesis/support/brace if an orthopaedic consultant determines that the condition is such that an appliance is necessary.

If the consultant determines that the support/brace is necessary to alleviate pain or prevent deformity, the facility must provide the support equipment. Alternatively, if the consultant determines that the support/brace is desirable, approval may be given for its purchase through the prisoner's trust fund.

Refer procedure - Prisoner Monies

If amputee prisoners require prosthetic services, Queensland Amputee Limb Service - Queensland Health (QALS) should be contacted for assessing eligibility of the individual to access the free limb service or other amputee services. Contact details for QALS are as follows: Telephone (07) 3240 5973, Facsimile (07) 3240 5970, Email: (Refer QALS Manual).

3. Walking sticks/crutches

If approval has been given by the orthopaedic consultant or visiting doctor, walking sticks and crutches must be provided by the facility. Alternatively, if the consultant determines that the walking sticks and crutches are desirable; approval may be given for its purchase through the prisoner's trust fund.

Administrative form - Medical Certificate must be issued to any prisoner with these additional requirements to ensure that-

  1. the relevant item is recorded in the medical chart;
  2. there is a medical requirement for such an appliance; and
  3. all staff are aware that the prisoner has been authorised to have same.

F P Rockett

Version History

28/08/2006 Version 02 - 02/08/2005 Version 01