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Procedure Properties

Title: Supervisors' Handover at Change of Shifts
Category: Safety and Security
Version: 01
Implement Date: 28 August 2006
Application: Custodial / Community Operations
Availability: Public



Local procedures

  • Brisbane Women's - Supervisors' Handover at Change of Shifts (in-confidence)
  • Darling Downs - Daily Routine (in-confidence)

Performance Measures

  • Death rate (unnatural) (high / low)

Procedure - Supervisors' Handover at Change of Shifts

1.1From PM to AM shift
1.2From AM shift to PM shift
1.3During night shift hand-over
1.4Outgoing officers


To ensure the timely and comprehensive transfer of information and responsibility at change of shifts.

1. Process

The hand-over at the change of each shift is an integral part of the overall safety, security and supervision process. The hand-over is the means by which out-going officers transfer information and responsibility to the in-coming shift. The hand-over ensures that a consistency and continuity of care is provided and that staff are aware of the particular circumstances that have preceded their shift.

The hand-over period is also an important means of ensuring that regular routine checks are made.

1.1 From PM to AM shift

Oncoming officers must-

  1. read relevant log books and sign pages read;
  2. discuss previous shift with outgoing officer;
  3. organise prisoner movements for the shift (escorts, appointments, property, money, programs, etc.); and
  4. plan program for day's activities.

1.2 From AM shift to PM shift

Oncoming officers must-

  1. carry out headcount of all prisoners if applicable;
  2. read relevant log books and sign pages read;
  3. discuss AM shift with outgoing officers; and
  4. plan program for evening's activities.

1.3 During night shift hand-over

Oncoming night officers must-

  1. ensure that a minimum number of random headcounts are conducted during the night shift (refer to procedure - Offender Musters and Headcounts);
  2. read relevant log books and sign pages read; and
  3. discuss PM shift with outgoing officers.

1.4 Outgoing officers

Outgoing officers must ensure that-

  1. all keys are present or accounted for;
  2. log books are up to date and correct and relevant information is noted or acted upon;
  3. general manager has been informed of relevant issues;
  4. oncoming staff are briefed on incidents of importance such as deaths, medical emergencies, attempted suicides and transfers;
  5. staff are aware of any information relating to the well being of any prisoner and any particular medical attention required by any prisoner; and
  6. keys are issued as required to staff - recording each issue and return of keys in the facility's key register (refer procedure - Key Control)

F P Rockett

Version History

28/08/2006 Version 01 - 01/07/2001 Version 00