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Procedure Properties

Title: Gender of Staff at Female Corrective Services Facilities
Category: Safety and Security
Version: 02
Implement Date: 27 March 2009
Application: Custodial Operations
Availability: Public



Performance Measures

  • Number of female prisoners (high / low)

Procedure - Gender of Staff at Female Corrective Services Facilities



To protect staff and the Agency in the conduct of duties at female corrective services facilities.

1. General

The Agency must meet statutory obligations relating to female offenders and ensure that the Agency and staff are not exposed to the risk of allegations of inappropriate treatment and/or misconduct. Refer Corrective Services Act 2006 ss 3, 34-39

Female offenders require the support of female officers. Various searches and medical examinations may only be conducted by, or in the presence of, corrective services officers of the same gender as the offender who is being searched or examined.

There must be a female officer rostered at all times at a female corrective services facility. Further, male only staffing is prohibited at any time at a female corrective services facility.

Male officers supervising female offenders must be given training relating to issues specific to managing female offenders (eg special needs, refer CSA ss 3, 266). If male officers are approaching a female accommodation area, they must verbally announce their presence before they approach.

Where operationally practical, male officers should not supervise female offenders in accommodation areas or supervise individual female offenders within the facility unless-

  1. in the company of a female officer;
  2. within visual contact of a female officer; or
  3. under video surveillance.

In areas other than accommodation areas within the facility, a male corrective services officer should only supervise female offenders if more than one offender is being supervised.

2. Exemption

The Agency is exempt from the operation of sections 14(1)(a)(b)(c) and (d), s 15(1)(a)(b) and (f), s 101 and s 127 in relation to the attribute referred to in s 7(1)(a) of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 in respect of the advertisement for, recruitment, appointment and employment of female correctional officers, female trade instructors and female correctional supervisors at each Queensland facility or complex however known under Queensland Corrective Services control that presently accommodates or within the period of any exemption granted will accommodate women until the expiration of the period of either-

  1. 5 November 2013; or
  2. for a period of six months from the achievement of the ratios of employees at correctional facilities housing female inmates in Queensland reaching 70% female correctional officers, 60% female correctional supervisors and 50% female Trade Instructors

    whichever is the sooner.

Refer Exemption Application re: State of Qld


Version History

27/03/2009 Version 02 - 28/08/2006 Version 01