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Procedure Properties

Title: Maintenance of a Facility and Plant and Equipment
Category: Safety and Security
Version: 02
Implement Date: 15 August 2008
Application: Custodial Operations
Availability: Public



Performance Measures

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Procedure - Maintenance of a Facility and Plant and Equipment

3.Maintenance of a facility
4.Safety and security inspections
5.Plant and equipment


To ensure facility and all plant and equipment is maintained in good working order and repair providing a safe and secure working environment for visitors, staff and prisoners, whilst maintaining the overall functionality of operations within the facility.

1. Process

All Agency facilities and plant and equipment must be managed and maintained in good condition, operating order and repair in accordance with manufacturer's specifications. The general manager or nominee of a facility must provide for a maintenance-monitoring program for the facility and plant and equipment.

This procedure also applies to the health centre and associated plant and equipment in the Queensland Health centre located within the facility.

This procedure does NOT apply to clinical equipment located in the Queensland Health centre.

2. Definitions

“Facility” - all areas within the corrective services facility including the Queensland Health centre located within the facility.

“Plant and Equipment” - in relation to the Queensland Health centre, includes - computers, printers, desks, chairs, benches, telephones, file compactus/system, kitchen fridge, white boards, televisions, hand basin, taps, toilets, kitchen hot water system and shelves.

3. Maintenance of a facility

The responsibilities of officers for the maintenance of a facility include-

  1. ready access to authorised repairers for all planned and unplanned maintenance;
  2. the reporting and recording of any problem, fault or defect in a Maintenance and Repair Register and completion of a 'Request to Repair' form;
  3. the immediate notification to Q Build or the relevant contractor or service provider to arrange for the problem or fault to be rectified;
  4. the reporting and documentation of all after hours emergency problems or faults and notification of such to the relevant duty manager;
  5. the maintenance of an emergency telephone list for after hours emergency needs;
  6. the provision when appropriate of an escort for the safety and security of maintenance personnel, contractors and service providers; and
  7. all tools and equipment are checked on entry to and from the facility. Refer procedure - Tool Control

4. Safety and security inspections

Safety and security inspections must be conducted weekly and documented on an appropriate written format. The areas of focus should include-

  1. prisoner accommodation areas other than cells, and other prisoner access areas;
  2. internal and external perimeters and fences;
  3. cells including those that are searched on a daily basis;
  4. lighting, normal and security;
  5. doors, gates and locks;
  6. steel or wire mesh and mesh supports;
  7. walls or barriers;
  8. furniture and fittings;
  9. staff work stations;
  10. shower/toilet blocks;
  11. electronic equipment;
  12. prisoner gym and sports equipment; and
  13. fire management equipment.

Completed security inspections must be recorded and filed for the purpose of audit.

5. Plant and equipment

The responsibilities of officers for the maintenance of Plant and Equipment include-

  1. compliance with any requirement of the Financial Management Practices Manual and the financial procedures related to plant and equipment;
  2. regular documented checks all plant and equipment in their control and/or area of responsibility;
  3. the immediate reporting any plant and equipment faults and breakdowns and the completion of any relevant request to repair documentation;
  4. the immediate reporting and documentation of missing or lost items of plant and equipment;
  5. the immediate investigation of lost or damaged items;
  6. the completion of the appropriate asset disposal forms, with a recommendation for write off and or disposal; and
  7. all damage to or loss of corrective services plant and equipment must be reported as a reportable incident.

Refer procedure - Incident Reporting

Neil Whittaker
Acting Director-General

Version History

15/08/2008 Version 02 - 28/08/2006 Version 01 - 01/07/2001 Version 00