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Procedure Properties

Title: Movement of prisoners from secure to residential accommodation
Category: Offender Management
Version: 04
Implement Date: 14 November 2011
Application: Custodial Operations
Availability: Public


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Local procedures

Ownership: Offender Intervention Services

Procedure - Movement of prisoners from secure to residential accommodation

2.Staff responsible and consideration factors
3.Assessment of prisoner suitability
4.Movement from secure to residential
5.Return from residential to secure accommodation


To provide for the movement of prisoners from secure to residential accommodation.

1. Process

Residential accommodation provides for prisoners who require lower levels of supervision. A prisoner suitable for residential accommodation, prior to being placed in residential accommodation, should have demonstrated -

  1. a commitment to participate in Offender Rehabilitation Plan goals, activities and strategies, including recommended programs and employment; and
  2. an ability to manage his/her behaviour in a stable, consistent and appropriate manner.

A prisoner may be assessed for movement from secure to residential accommodation as a result of, but not limited to -

  1. prisoner employment meetings;
  2. case plan meetings;
  3. reviews of the Offender Rehabilitation Plan; and
  4. a unit manager/case officer/sentence management officer referring the prisoner to the relevant Accommodation Manager for consideration.

The assessment and decision of a prisoner's suitability for placement in residential accommodation must be recorded on a document that is to be placed on the prisoner's Offender File or completed electronically and attached as a Case Note on IOMS. Refer appendix - Example Assessment of Prisoner Suitability for Residential.

2. Staff responsible and consideration factors

All recommendations for prisoner transfer from secure to residential must be approved by the relevant Accommodation Manager in consultation with a multidisciplinary team.

When considering the internal transferring of prisoners between secure and residential accommodation, the following considerations must be adhered to -

  1. the Offender Rehabilitation Plan recommendations are being met; and
  2. the prisoner's behaviour is of an appropriate standard.

The following additional factors must also be considered prior to transfer -

  1. the recommendation of a unit manager/case officer/sentence management officer;
  2. the prisoner's completion of an induction program;
  3. the prisoner's employment status;
  4. the prisoner's medical status;
  5. the prisoner's intelligence profile;
  6. the prisoner's suitability to access education/programs block with limited supervision; and
  7. the prisoner's escape history.

There must be consultation and discussion with a multidisciplinary team which may include but is not limited to -

  1. Senior Practitioner;
  2. Industries Manager;
  3. Senior Adviser, Sentence Management/Adviser, Sentence Management;
  4. Senior Psychologist;
  5. Manager, Offender Development;
  6. Nurse Unit Manager;
  7. Intelligence Officer; and
  8. Correctional Supervisors.

The composition of the multidisciplinary team will be determined by the General Manager.

3. Assessment of prisoner suitability

The document recording the assessment of the prisoner's suitability must be completed and signed by all relevant parties.

An assessment of the prisoner's risk of escape or attempting to escape must be completed. Refer procedure - Assessment and appendix - Sentence Management Decision Making Record Guidelines

A prisoner who is a risk of escape must not be placed in residential accommodation.

A remand status prisoner may be placed in residential accommodation if assessed as suitable.

4. Movement from secure to residential

Prior to the movement of a prisoner from secure to residential accommodation the Accommodation Manager must ensure a cell inspection/cell condition report is completed.

Prisoners are to be moved to residential at a time nominated by the Correctional Supervisor (Secure) in consultation with the Correctional Supervisor (Residential).

Prisoner property must be checked prior to movement. Refer procedure - Property of Offenders

The officer responsible for supervising the prisoner's movement from secure to residential must collect relevant documentation prior to the prisoner's departure from secure accommodation. A unit manager or case officer must ensure that all relevant documentation is collected and provided to the supervising officer.

The receiving Correctional Supervisor must ensure that a cell allocation in IOMS has been completed prior to cessation of duty.

Refer procedure - Movement Control of Offenders (in-confidence)

5. Return from residential to secure accommodation

Prisoners may be considered for return to residential on a case-by-case basis based on the prisoner's demonstrated behaviour and commitment to Offender Rehabilitation Plan goals, strategies and activities.

Prisoners may be returned to secure for reasons including, but not limited to -

  1. unacceptable behaviour; or
  2. a breach of discipline; or
  3. failure to adhere to Offender Rehabilitation Plan requirements.

The Correctional Manager Residential may exercise discretion to determine whether a case conference should be conducted for the prisoner prior to return from residential to secure. A case conference may only occur where operationally practical.

The prisoner must be informed of the decision to return them from residential to secure. The prisoner should also be provided the reason for return unless this information may compromise the security and good order of the facility.

A case note must be recorded on IOMS detailing the circumstances of a prisoner's return from residential to secure.

Refer procedure - Movement Control of Offenders (in-confidence)

Endorsed by:


Acting Deputy Commissioner, Custodial Operations

Approved by:

Acting Commissioner

Version History

14/11/2011 Version 04 - 15/08/2008 Version 02 - 28/08/2006 Version 01