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Procedure Properties

Title: Meaningful Activity for Prisoners
Category: Offender Management
Version: 02
Implement Date: 1 November 2010
Application: Custodial Operations
Availability: Public


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Local procedures

Ownership: Custodial Operations

Procedure - Meaningful Activity for Prisoners

4.Recreational equipment
5.Approved hobbies
6.Recording of meaningful activities


Corrective services facilities must provide prisoner access to meaningful activities which promote the positive use of an prisoner's leisure time.

1. Definition

A meaningful activity is an approved activity undertaken by a prisoner which may not be included in the prisoner's offender management plan. The activity should engage the prisoner in a pro-social manner and promote a healthy lifestyle.

For example-

A Unit Manager organises a table tennis tournament within the unit with the intention to constructively engage prisoners to interact with each other and supervising officers.

An Activities Officer schedules a regular supervised hobbies session in the gymnasium.

2. Principles

When determining whether to approve a meaningful activity, the following must be considered-

  1. the activity should be capable of being recorded/accountable;
  2. the activity can be individual or group participation;
  3. the activity should contribute to a prisoner's personal development;
  4. the activity should involve the acquisition of learning and skills;
  5. the activity should be socially appropriate and or recreational; and
  6. the activity should encourage social responsibility.

3. Implementation

A structured plan of meaningful activities is to be developed at the commencement of each calendar year. The plan will provide for the delivery of recreational activities, approved hobbies and education aimed at encouraging prisoners to exercise and participate in a healthy lifestyle.

The plan must follow the underpinning principles outlined in section 2 - Principles.

The plan should provide for all prisoners to have an opportunity to participate in at least one hour of meaningful activity per day, including group activities.

Supervision of prisoners by corrective services officers in high security facilities is to be provided for all sporting activities, inclusive of participation in gymnasium and oval.

4. Recreational equipment

The general manager of a facility must determine suitable recreational equipment to be made available to prisoners, including equipment provided in accommodation areas. For secure accommodation areas, refer appendix - Recreational Equipment for Prisoners in Secure Accommodation Areas.

Recreational equipment to satisfy legitimate needs is to be maintained and supplemented as required from the Offender Amenities Account.

No free/loose weights are to be permitted in a corrective services facility.

5. Approved hobbies

Prisoners may access equipment and supplies for any approved hobbies. Hobby tools, implements and materials are to be accessed by prisoners in a controlled manner and in a controlled environment.

6. Recording of meaningful activities

Corrective services facilities are to maintain a record of prisoner participation in meaningful activities. The record will include-

  1. types of activity;
  2. number of prisoners participating in the activity; and
  3. hours of participation.

Refer appendix - Example Meaningful Activities Register


Version History

01/11/2010 Version 02 [Meaningful Activity for Prisoners] - 14/10/2009 Version 01 [Meaningful Activity for Offenders]