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Procedure Properties

Title: Hair Dye Prisoner Access
Category: Offender Management
Version: 01
Implement Date: 26.05.2011
Application: Custodial Operations
Availability: Public


Agency Procedures

Canteen for Offenders

Procedure - Hair Dye Prisoner Access

3.Purchase of hair dye
4.Application for hair dye
5.Identifying colour
6.Use of hair dye


To manage the provision of hair dye to female prisoners, who request to maintain the colour of their hair upon reception, or to revert to their natural hair colour.

1. Process

The procedure enables the prisoner to purchase, a limited range of hair dyes approved by the General Manager of a correctional centre. Hair dye will be provided for purchase to assist the self esteem of the prisoner, by permitting the prisoner to either maintain hair colour or to revert to original hair colour.

Prisoners will be advised of the availability of hair dye during the reception process.

2. Reception

During the reception process prisoners will be required to complete a Prisoner Hair Dye Information Form. This form requires prisoners to state whether their hair is currently a natural colour or artificially coloured.

Where they indicate that their hair is its natural colour, prisoners are to be advised that they cannot make an application for hair dye.

Where they indicate that their hair is currently artificially coloured, prisoners are to be asked to state both their hair dye colour and their natural hair colour.

A copy of the completed Information Form is to be placed on file with a copy forwarded to the centres Accommodation Manager.

3. Purchase of hair dye

Hair dye may only be purchased by a prisoner in the following circumstances -

  1. to maintain hair colour as at date of reception; or
  2. to manage reversion to natural hair colour

4. Application for hair dye

Prisoners are required to submit a request within 14 days of reception for approval for hair dye. This is to be assessed by the centres Accommodation Manager and a decision is to be made on whether hair dye can be purchased.

Approvals for hair dye are to be recorded electronically on an 'Approved Hair Dye Matrix' and prisoners are to be provided with written advice regarding the approval.

Where approval would significantly change a prisoner's appearance, the request must be processed in accordance with procedures - Personal Identification and Offender Photographs.

5. Identifying colour

Correctional Centres offer a limited colour range of hair dyes made from one brand.

Prisoners are required to make an application for hair dye through the sales to prisoner Process when hair dye is required.

When the application is received, the matrix is to be checked to ensure that the prisoner is authorised to have hair dye and that the colour of hair dye requested matches the colour approved for that prisoner.

6. Use of hair dye

Once it has been established that a prisoner is approved to have hair dye, the hair dye may be purchased through the sales to prisoners process. Upon receipt of the hair dye it should be stored in the prisoner's property until such time as it is to be used.

The application of hair dye should be undertaken in the centres hairdressing salon under supervision.

At the completion of the application, left-over hair dye and empty bottles should be disposed of in an appropriate manner.


Version History

26/05/2011 Version 01