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Procedure Properties

Title: Townsville Men's - Offender Admission and Induction
Category: Offender Management
Version: 02
Implement Date: 18 October 2010
Application: Townsville Men's Correctional Centre
Availability: Public

Appendices and Forms

Local Procedures

  • Townsville Men's - Case Management (in-confidence)

Agency Procedures

Ownership: Townsville Correctional Complex

Procedure - Townsville Men's - Offender Admission and Induction

3.1Admission assessment
3.2Offender's with identified needs
4.1Unit induction
4.2Offender induction
5.Role and Responsibility of Induction Unit Officers
6.Peer Support Workers and PAC Delegates


1. Process

  1. where practicable all offenders received, irrespective of previous placement at the centre, will be accommodated in an induction unit upon admission. This will occur after an initial reception interview and assessment has been conducted by a psychologist/correctional counsellor prior to exiting the reception store;
  2. the only exception to an immediate placement in the induction unit will be those offenders who are received at the centre and are placed on an observation regime in either the safety unit or detention unit and those offenders with identified placement issues (eg protection needs);
  3. all offenders received are expected to remain in an induction unit until completion of the induction program;
  4. regardless of where an offender is initially placed, all offenders received into the centre must complete the induction program;
  5. in accordance with adult learning principles, information contained within the induction program is to be delivered ensuring comprehension by all offenders. This includes delivery by visual, verbal and practical implementation; and
  6. in instances where offenders with English-as-a-second language are received into the centre, and where available resources exist (such as local staff with a second language), an overview of the information contained within the induction program should be delivered in the principle language of the offenders.

2. Definitions

'Induction unit' is the accommodation unit identified for the offender's initial placement at the centre.

3. Reception

Refer procedures - Admission and At-Risk Management (Self Harm/Suicide)

Refer administrative form - Townsville Men's - Reception Checklist and Prisoner Acknowledgement Form

3.1 Admission assessment

Refer procedure - Assessment

Refer local procedure - Townsville Men's - Case Management (in-confidence)

Refer administrative form - Townsville Men's - Admission Assessment

In addition to the Immediate Risk Needs Assessment (IRNA), Assessment Services staff must also complete an admission assessment prior to the offender exiting the reception store for accommodation placement.

The purpose of the admission assessment is to capture any emergent welfare needs relating to children, housing, legal matters, or any other special requirements. The assessment will also indicate if an intensive management plan is required for the offender, refer paragraph 3.2.

Any required referrals to work units are to be actioned and recorded via E Shopfront, in addition to an email to the responsible staff member, and a case note evidencing the action taken by close of business on the day of the offender's admission.

Completed admission assessments are to be attached to IOMS as follows - OFFENDER FILE WINDOW > OFFENDER DETAILS > ATTACHMENTS > Admission Assessment DD/MM/YY

3.2 Offender's with identified needs

Refer procedure - Intensive Management Plans

Refer local procedure - Townsville Men's - Case Management (in-confidence)

Identified needs may include but not be limited to -

  1. Physical/intellectual disability;
  2. Religious needs;
  3. Cultural needs;
  4. Health/medical conditions;
  5. Any other need which requires a supervision regime, intensive case management and/or intervention strategies to assist with the offender's integration within a correctional facility.

4. Induction

Refer procedure - Induction

4.1 Unit induction

Refer administrative form - Townsville Men's - Unit Induction Checklist and Prisoner Acknowledgement Form

4.2 Offender induction

  1. staff involved in the induction of a prisoner into the correctional facility must complete administrative form - Townsville Men's - Offender Induction Checklist and Prisoner Acknowledgement Form; and
  2. cultural unit staff are required to meet with all prisoners within two days of admission to assess the prisoner's cultural identity and development needs and must complete administrative form - Townsville - Cultural Identity Questionnaire.

5. Role and Responsibility of Induction Unit Officers

  1. provision of a pro-social environment promoting change for offenders;
  2. management of the induction unit to ensure that the induction program is completed consistent with timetables, checklists and procedures;
  3. assessment of induction offenders to minimise risk and assess compatibility issues that may be present (in consultation with members of other multi-disciplinary work units);
  4. assessment and advice regarding offender moves to placement units.

6. Peer Support Workers and PAC Delegates

  1. offenders identified as eligible, suitable, and approved through the offender employment process as peer support workers, will be utilised to provide support to induction unit officers and service delivery staff in the facilitation of the offender induction program;
  2. offenders employed as peer support for the induction program, are to conduct tasks and duties as per the job description for their positions;
  3. peer support workers and PAC delegates are to be provided with all relevant documentation to support the offender induction program so that further assistance can be provided to newly received offenders. Documentation may include but not be limited to -

    1. Townsville Men's - Local Induction Handbook
    2. Prisoner Information Booklet
    3. Offender Criminogenic Program Fact Sheets
    4. In Cell Hobby Lists
    5. Incentives and Privileges Table
    6. Buy Up Forms and Delivery Timetable
    7. Structured Day viii. Visits Information brochure(s)
    8. Religious Visitor Timetable
    9. ARUNTA Phone Enrolment Forms
    10. ARUNTA Phone List Update forms
    11. Special Visit Request forms xiii. Employment application xiv. Offender Privacy Statement
    12. Right to Information & Privacy Fact Sheet xvi. Privacy & Personal Information - Brochure for offenders
    13. Application for Family Video Conference
    14. Inter-facility Contact Application xix. Offender Induction Checklist & Prisoner Induction Form
    15. Offender Management Glossary & Definitions xxi. Ombudsman Advice Brochure

xxii. Prisoner Complaint Form

xxiii. Q Health DVD Schedule

xxiv. Complaints Management Process Flow Chart

xxv. Medicare Card Application Form

xxvi. 18+ Card Application Form.

Scott Collins
Acting Deputy Commissioner, Custodial Operations

Version History

18/10/10 Version 02 - 09/09/10 Version 01