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Legislation Update - Corrective Services Bill 2006

Corrective Services Act 2006

The Corrective Services Act 2006 commenced on 28 August 2006. The new Act is based on the principles of providing for the safe and humane containment, supervision and rehabilitation of prisoners and ensuring the safety of the community and the staff who work in the correctional system.

Some key features of the new legislation:

  • Remission will be abolished for all current and future prisoners
  • Conditional release will be phased out
  • Supervised parole will be the only form of early release available to prisoners, replacing remission, conditional release, release to work and home detention
  • Three Parole Boards will be established to consider applications for parole
  • Victims of crime who are registered with the Victims Register will have a statutory right to make a submission to a Parole Board prior to the Board considering a prisoner's application for parole
  • Prisoners will be prohibited from accessing assisted reproductive technology and from running a business from prison
  • A new security classification system for determining the level of security and supervision that a prisoner requires will be introduced
  • Prisoners will no longer be able to use judicial review to challenge decisions about security and placement
  • A new order which allows for the separation of prisoners for their own safety and the safety of others will be introduced
  • There will be an enhanced inspectorate function, with the strengthening of the Official Visitor scheme to be overseen by the Chief Inspector.

Last updated: 16 December 2013