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Getting Lives on Track

Community Service Rejuvenation Project

Roles and responsibilities

Queensland Corrective Services will:

  • assess offenders’ suitability for particular work projects
  • ensure that workers obtain Blue Card clearance, where required under legislation, for the protection of children and young people
  • ensure workers understand the rules of community service and their obligations regarding their court order before they are assigned to a project
  • liaise with community service projects regarding any issues related to community work or behaviour and remove a community service worker if requested by the project
  • initiate disciplinary action against offenders who fail to comply with the terms of their order
  • maintain central administrative records.

(Please note that privacy restrictions prevent the release of details of offences of community service workers. Community service projects can request they are not allocated offenders who have committed certain types of offences.)

Responsibilities of the community service project

The community service project undertakes to:

  • provide a project supervisor
  • provide day-to-day supervision of community service workers at the work site
  • provide adequate and appropriate instruction and training to the community service workers, particularly in relation to the use of any necessary tools or equipment
  • provide sunscreen, drinking water, tools or equipment and any protective gear required
  • ensure workplace health and safety requirements are met
  • ensure security of the premises
  • maintain accurate daily attendance records for each worker
  • notify Queensland Corrective Services of any difficulties, or if children may be present at a worksite.

Responsibilities of the community service worker

Community service workers must:

  • report to their work site as directed
  • satisfactorily perform community service
  • obey all reasonable directions.

Workers will usually be expected to make their own way to the community service project and bring their own meals for the day.

Responsibilities of project supervisors

Every community service project has an onsite supervisor who is usually employed by the organisation running the project, or a volunteer for the organisation.

This may be by a local council, nursing home, charity or community group.

The supervisor’s job is to allocate work to offenders, organise essentials such as tools and safety equipment and to report back to a Probation and Parole compliance officer with details about an offender’s progress.

Last updated: 16 December 2013